Trustee Services
"We cannot predict the future, but we can protect it."

Protect your future with a compliant trust

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The best time to establish a trust is when you do not need it.

Our purpose is to educate individuals on asset preservation and protection through a client focussed approach tailored to their needs.

We are driven by integrity and building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. Our Trustee Services are provided by a dedicated team who understand the complexities and detail of New Zealand Trust Law, especially in light of the recent legislative changes.

Trusts require meticulous management to ensure they are and will continue to be, legally compliant.

We have vast experience in reviewing non-compliant trusts and swiftly making the necessary changes to ensure they are legally compliant. If a trust is not compliant it cannot protect your assets.

How we protect your future

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Trust Establishment

We take the time with our clients to thoroughly understand their situation and their unique goals for the future. If a Trust is appropriate, we assist them in deciding the most suitable type. The various types we consider include Family, Single, Parallel, Business, Investment or Inheritance depending on their specific personal needs or objectives.

Trust Management

Trusts require meticulous management to ensure they are and continue to be legally compliant. This is particularly important with the recent changes to legislation in Trust Law with the introduction of the Trusts Act 2019.
We are passionate about and have a new level of precision to our trust record keeping so as to comply with these new requirements from the get go.

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Review Existing Trusts

With New Zealand having the greatest numbers of trusts per capita, it is concerning knowing that a large number of them (which have not had a reviewed in light of the new Trust Act 2019) are likely to be successfully challenged. This means that without the review they are likely to not fulfil their purpose of protecting individuals hard earned assets

Business risk, relationship property claims, and legal action are all possible ways a trust can be challenged. We are experts in reviewing existing trusts. We swiftly implement any necessary changes and ensure they will actually offer full protection from any potential challenge.

Who should consider having a trust?

  • Single people or those leaving a relationship with assets
  • People that are self-employed
  • Individuals that are settling down with a long term partner or getting married
  • Existing couples that are wanting to protect intergenerational wealth for their children's future

Our easy steps to a compliant trust

Step 1

A meeting to understand your needs

Step 2

The draft Trust Deed is sent to you

Step 3

A second meeting to sign the Trust Deed

Step 4

We complete the transfer of assets to your trust

Step 5

We meet to finalise compliance

Step 6

We maintain trust compliance annually

Why we are different

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Providing Independent Trustee Services

Summit Law has a unique structure of offering Professional Trustee Services alongside Property, Family and Estate law under one roof so all legal abases are covered for the Trust along with ongoing legal compliance.

This is different to just using a law firm that does not offer professional trustee services. We instead work alongside each other in the different areas of law (as applicable) resulting in a more cohesive and robust structure from all angles.

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Trusts are all we do

We have a Trust Law Team that’s sole focus is trusts and the associated trust succession planning. We are therefore leaders in the field as this is our trust teams sole focus.

We create partnerships with our clients

We care about our clients and think it is crucial to educate them on their trust structures by ensuring they are involved and understand the process from start to finish.

Come and visit your friendly, local law team in Ferrymead.

Whether you've got something exciting on the horizon or need help with a problem that's worrying you, we'd love to have a chat about how we can help.