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Every relationship is different, that is why our approach can differ on every case.  If you are having family law concerns, whether it be a separation, childcare disagreements, parenting disputes, or adoption concerns, we can help find a solution that fits your needs.  Disputes do not have to end in court.  Here at Summit Law we are passionate about providing a service which matches you and your family.  We offer a collaborative practice approach to look at alternative resolutions so that our clients can try to avoid court where possible.  Collaborative practice in family law has numerous advantages.  Read more about it below, or contact our team now to discuss how our approach may save you time, money and future relationships.


What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative practice is seen as an alternative to court.  Not all disputes need to end in court, and often, the threat of court can be burdensome on the ability for parties to negotiate effectively.  

With collaborative practice we retain focus on what matters most to the parties, that is you.  When parties focus solely on the legal position, it can be difficult to find a resolution, but we find that when we focus negotiations on the best interest of both parties, and encourage solutions which meet everyone's needs, we can often find a positive solution.

Is it legally binding?

Yes - we are still lawyers.  Both parties will have a lawyer involved who will discuss the legal position for the matters involved.  We can still end the discussions with a formality in terms of a binding agreement which will be signed by both parties.

Does this cost more than court?

It does not have to.  As there is communication between parties, resolutions can happen in a more timely fashion.  Information can be shared more easily and the cost can be part of the open discussions.  The more cooperative the parties are, the more likely the costs can be kept down and matters resolved in a more timely manner.

Is it the only solution?

No - collaborative practice wont suit every situation.  Our team will assess your specific circumstances and advise whether this is a matter that we can have a collaborative approach for.  If this is not a suitable option, our lawyers can assist you with options that are available for you.  

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