What We Offer You

23 June 2021

What we offer you

If you are experiencing Family Law challenges, ending up in court is not the only option.  Many of our clients want to sort out their legal issues, without stepping in to a court room.  These can be separation issues, parenting issues, relationship property disputes or even adoption concerns.  We look for ways to help our clients find a solution in a way that suits them. 

Our experienced team will support, inform and respect you along the way.  Although these are “legal” issues, we make sure that you are involved and included in the process and that you feel in control of your decision making.  If we can assist you in preserving relationships, we will endeavour to do so, and assist you in protecting your future. 

We don’t just have one answer when it comes to legal problems.  There are many.  We work with a range of professionals, financial advisors, counsellors, mediators and others to ensure that you are provided with a collaborative practice approach to sorting out your legal issues. 

We will work with you to resolve your legal issue by finding a resolution process that suits you and your family.  We will liaise with other lawyers, experts and third parties throughout the process to ensure we all have adequate information to attempt to come to a resolution.

Our process means you are part of it.  You are not stuck behind the scenes being left to interpret the law or face a court room alone.  We will work with you to come to a resolution outside of the court where possible.  Once we have navigated through our chosen process, we will work to finalise agreements and ensure you understand the end result.

Court is not the only way to resolve disputes.  If you have a family law concern, contact our team now and see how we can work with you to resolve it. 

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